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Can Rice Water Really Improve Your Hair?

Can Rice Water Really Improve Your Hair?

I know you might have surfed the web trying to get info on how to improve your hair growth that shiny and glamorous look…you might also try so many recipes suggested by most blogger and you later discovered that they really don’t work as they said it should.

Are you missing something, well maybe.

But have you tried rice water?

The use of rice water has been an ancient beauty ritual in almost all Asian culture. It is also believed to give smooth hair, detangle the hair and makes the hair grows longer.

Rice water has become a regular beauty recipe with countless beauty bloggers and vloggers.

But will it work for everybody or just a few who knows how to use it?

To help answer this question, I chatted with Morgan Rabach, a certified dermatologist to find facts about the use of rice water and it’s a possible side effect. But before you get yourself a bag of rice, I suggest you carefully read this.

Does rice water for hair really work?

Just in case you don’t know, rice water is the liquid gotten from your rice after soaking or boiling.

It contains essential nutrient like vitamins B, amino acid, antioxidants, vitamins E, so theoretically, it can aid hair growth and maintenance.

However, just because it worked for someone doesn’t mean you will get the same result. Some factors like lifestyle, genetics, hairstyling habits, hair texture and hair types can be a determinant whether or not, rice water will work.

How long does it take rice water to grow your hair?

The focus here should be “if” and not “when” do you know what I mean? According to all experts, there is no credible scientific evidence that rice water promotes hair growth, despite anecdotal claims. “There have been no large randomized controlled trials to support the claim that rice water helps hair growth,” said Dr. Rabach. In other words, while waiting to see if the rice water also works You can consult your doctor for a scientifically proven treatment that addresses the cause of your sparse hair loss.

What are the side effects of rice water on hair?

While you may find that many people prefer to use rice water for hair, you will only find many people who have had less experience than good results, including the severity of skin build-up. , the load of dry skin, dryness and breakage.

Although Dr. Rabach says there is nothing scientific to help certain types of hair use or not to use rice water, Hill warns others with caution. Since a large portion of liquid carbohydrates can cause brittleness and breakdown over time, people with soft hair or low hair should ne cautious trying to use rice water. “If your hair has low porosity, rice water will create severe dryness and damage,” says Hill.

How do you make rice water?

Just like there are dozen of testimonies online about the use of rice water, so many people also have different ways on how they prepare their rice water. However, Dr. Rabach advices that you add four times much water as the rice, boil for 15 minutes max and strain.





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