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When it comes to sweating, we are all culprit. The workout, the scorching sun and the silk clothes. But where do we draw the line
A few weeks ago I talked about how your vaginal speaks to you and some facts to know about your vaginal. The response to those
Ladies! You are welcome. We are here today to pay our heartfelt respect to the back muscles we’ve ignored. And now, we have to deal
Just when you have things under control, your skin begins to develop symptoms that indicate that it needs some care. You look at the mirror
I know that feeling when at the wrap of a session, your derm ask you, “Do you have any question that is bothering you?” You
Now that you are here, I believe you want to know natural foods that can help prevent bloating. Before we get started, there are some
Fun Fact: Your vagina is not the universe in between your legs. It’s just a small part of the bigger world of magic that lies
If you are like me, you may not give more consideration about the smell down there until the whiff and funkiness sets in. That may
AHA is becoming very popular in the fight against skin aging,  and you can use it in addition to most beauty and skincare products. AHAs
You are probably been thinking, ‘how can I help my kid that has bad breath,’ or ‘is it normal for my kid to have bad

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