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Dead Sea salt with organic essential oils allows you to get smooth and lovely skin instantly. Dead Sea Salt can do pretty much all the thing what you’ll expect from any other body scrub.

The core functions of Dead Sea salt with organic essential oils are:


Dead Sea Salt contains fine grain, mineral-rich, and 100% pure Dead Sea salt.


Organic essential oils act as an effective microscopic cleansing agent.


Nutrient-dense ingredients within organic essential oils fulfill the nourishing requirement of the skin.


Organic essential oils are infused with skin-softening oil and butter that will provide Ultra soft and smooth skin.

 Included Items

Dead Sea Salt generally comes to these three items.

 Wooden Stirring Spoon

Deep-Sea Salt essential oil generally comes with the wooden stirring spoon that is a cute bamboo wooden spoon that will assist you to stir and scoop out the scrub throughout the skin. This body scrub is infused with the essential oils and stirring with the help of spoon before actually using this body scrub allow you to harness the true potential of this body scrub.

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 Handy Dual-Sided Loofah

Dead Sea Salt with organic essential oils comes with the handy dual-sided loofah pad to visibly remove dead dry skin cells from your body. This dual-sided loofah is perfect to use with or without this body scrub. It generally comes with the in-built handle and hook. The method of using this dual-sided loofah is pretty much self-explanatory and counterintuitive. All you need to do is to put it into the water, and it will expand automatically.

 Organic Oat Meal Exfoliating Soap

These organic essential oils also come with the organic oat meat exfoliating soap. A travel-sized means 1 Oz bar of organic oatmeal soap is made up of ground oats, shea butter, and the honey. This organic soap is free from all sorts of synthetic fragrance, and it creates a rich and luxurious lather. Once you apply this organic oatmeal exfoliating soap onto your skin, you’ll be astonished to see its outstanding results.

 What Makes Dead Sea Salt with Organic Essential Oils So Much Attractive

These are the peculiar attributes of Dead Sea Salt with Organic Essential Oils

 Gently Exfoliate the Skin

Dead Sea Salt with organic essential oils gently heal your skin and remove old, dry, and dead skin cells. Dead Sea Salt is carefully infused with the mineral-rich and organic oils, skin-nourishing nutrients, and vitamins.

 Citrus Aroma of Dead Sea Salt is Extremely Thrilling

You’ll fall in love with the citrus aroma of the Dead Sea Salt. The most fascinating aspect of the citrus aroma of Dead Sea Salt is that it is made up of a trio of organic essential oils that is citrus, mandarin, and grapefruit. Owing to these nutritional facts, you can just rest assure that you aren’t injecting your skin with artificial perfumes, dyes, or fragrances.

 Highest Level of Customer Satisfaction

Customers of the Dead Sea Salt expressed their highest level of satisfaction with it because the citrus aroma of this body scrub makes them feel good.


Dead Sea Salt Scrub works better than any other body scrub because it is 100% salt-based, so it can cause a stinging sensation on a newly shaven skin.


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